7 Days Lemosho Route Trekking

Safari Overview

The 7 days Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route is one of most scenic trails on the west of Kilimanjaro and it is a virtual climate expedition. The shallow mountain stream wanders peacefully through the Barranco Valley’s bottom amid the clouds. Frosting shields the valleys whilst the azure glaciers extravagantly scatter across the landscape of the ice fields. Immature trees flourish amongst the towering emerald canopies and the lush vegetation conceals the moist floors. Thick shadows cast down from the bright sun. Faint buffalo trails are carved into the smooth grounds of the Shira Plateau and milky white mist, clings to and enrobes everything it can. You will encounter the stunning sights of the Lava Tower and scramble up the impressive Barranco wall. There is a slight chance of spotting some magnificent wildlife along the leisurely trail. The 7 days Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route provides optimal conditions for acclimatisation which increases your chance of reaching the glorious summit.

7 Days Kilimanjaro

Day 1 | Starting point (2,300m) to Mti Mkubwa (2,750m) Trekking Time: 3 hours | Distance: 7 km | Altitude Gain: 450m

After enjoying an appetising meal at the hotel, you will embark on a bumpy three-hour drive from Moshi to the Londorossi Gate. We will travel amid the fascinating town of Boma N’gombe and the native people of Sanya Juu. Registration will be completed at the gate and then we will drive to the starting point of your trek at 2,350m. The trail journeys through the thick, untamed rainforest for the duration of the day. Adorable Bush Babies and curious Black and White Colobus Monkeys may peer down from the high trees. Mti Mkubwa Camp is our final destination for the day and the hike is fairly short.

Day 2 | Mti Mkubwa (2,750m) to Shira Camp 1 (3,550m) Trekking Time: 6-7 hours | Distance: 10 km | Altitude Gain: 800m

The trail heads towards Shira Camp 1 and there is shift in scenery to the heather and moorland zone – an arid landscape sprinkled with contrasting silver fauna and flora as well as the enormous lobelias. Stunning views of Mount Meru engulfing the fiery sunset are present in the west and the gleaming Kibo Peak makes its presence known. The light clouds will begin to float around you as you cross several calming streams to get to the Shira Ridge (3,600m). We will proceed to Shira Camp 1 where a delicious meal awaits.

Day 3 | Shira Camp 1 (3,550m) to Shira Camp 2 (3,840m) Trekking Time: 3-4hours | Distance: 8km | Altitude Gain: 290m

The moorland landscape remains with its dusty, rocky ground and low grasses and shrubs. The bright everlastings erupt from the ground and the concentric rings of leaves on the celestial lobelias are astonishing. The scenic views of the towering mountain are best observed from this area and the path is generally flat. A steaming hot lunch will be served at Shira Camp and after the short excursions for acclimatisation are complete, you will rest for the remainder of the day. In the evening the stars twinkle from the infinite arch of darkness. In areas they are sapphire balls and beautiful, shimmering in their heavenly finery. The ones on the outermost boundary, virtually outside the span of human comprehension, are like glinting pinpricks in a shroud of

Day 4 | Shira Camp 2 (3,840m) to Barranco camp (3,950m) via Lava Tower Trekking Time: 6-7 hours / Distance: 11km / Altitude Gain: 110m

Today the Lemosho route connects with the Machame route before approaching Lava Tower. The landscapes are magnificent and the trail begins with a gentle incline towards the beautiful sights Kibo Peak. The first milestone is a jagged ridge named the Shark’s Tooth (4,400m) and after crossing the mysterious shadow valleys we will come across the protruding Lava Tower (4,600m). Thousands of years ago enormous volcanos erupted and spluttered the remains of the once molten rocks. The gradual descent to the Barranco Camp features incredible views of the bleached Western Breach and the striking Barranco or ‘Breakfast’ Wall. This day follows the mountaineering principles of walking high and sleeping low, making it an ideal acclimation day.

Day 5 | Barranco Camp (3,950m) to Barafu Camp (4,700) Trekking Time: 6 – 7 hours / Distance: 9km / Altitude Gain: 750m

The day begins with a moderate trek up the Barranco Wall, it is steep but the climbing only requires your hands and feet for a short period of time (200m). Feelings of satisfaction will begin to emerge once you witness the beautiful landscape that includes the smoothed edges of Kibo peak and a vantage point of the frosted scenery. The trail begins to fluctuate as we cross various small streams and the Karanga River that excitedly hops over the rocks. We will stop at the Karanga Campsite for an appetising lunch (3,930m). An hour’s climb up a steep, granite lava ridge will lead us to the Barafu Camp. This signifies that you have conquered the South Circuit of the mountain and the views of the summit will shift. The infertile grounds at the Barafu Campsite tend to freeze over and the temperatures shift dramatically. A warm, hearty meal will be prepared and we suggest that you rest early as the midnight climb to the summit (1188m) is only a few hours away.

Day 6 | Barafu Camp (4,700m) to Summit (5895m) (Midnight start), descent to Mweka Camp (3100m) Trekking Time: 6 – 7 hours / Distance: 5km / Altitude Gain: 1195m

You will be awoken at 11:00pm to ensure that you have a light snack and a hot beverage before you embark on your 5km trek to the summit. Sixteen hours are needed to complete the trek, it goes without saying, this is the most taxing day on the 7 days Lemosho Route. The temperatures will dip to lows of up to -10°C. The trail along the stunning valley on the edge of scree fields will gradually increase. Stella’s Point (5,672m) is the first milestone and you will pass the glowing Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers. Illuminating rays of orange, red and purple begin to burst from the sky as you reach the southern rim of Kibo (Marks an hour until the summit). Upon reaching Uhuru Peak (5,895m) you will attain an intangible reward, the heaven touching apex of the mountain drenched in a shroud of clouds and splotches of gleaming snow impale the lush floor. Across the horizon you will see the glaciers protruding like a row of thorns. Swaddled around them are necklaces of powdery snow, frosty ice fields and Mawenzi Peak. We will begin descending towards the Barafu Camp where we will have a short break before proceeding to the Mweka Camp (3,100m). The 9km trails features stunning views of the magnificent Kilimanjaro plains. The incline traverses down a rocky scree path through barren moorland and then you will enter the magnificent forest (4-5-hour hike). A tantalising meal will be served at the campsite and you will be able to snuggle in your sleeping bag.

Day 7 | Mweka Camp (3,100m) to Mweka Gate (1,800m) Trekking Time: 4 – 5 hours / Distance: 10km / Altitude Loss: 1300m

You will enjoy an appetizing breakfast before your descent to the Mweka Gate (1,300m). The stroll provides you with beautiful scenery. A Gold Summit Certificate will be awarded upon reaching the gate, a token to symbolize successfully tackling the 7-day Lemosho Route. From the tranquil Mweka Village, our driver will transport you to the airport from where you will link your flight back home. If you’ve chosen to continue on a safari – well, that’s another adventure and we’ll manage that for you as well!

All payments are in USD only ( the prices quoted are per person).

7 Days Lemosho Route Trekking

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7 Days Lemosho Route Trekking

1 Pax : $ 2409

2 Pax : $ 1967

3 Pax : $ 1825

4 Pax : $ 1750

5 Pax : $ 1697

$ 2409

$ 1967

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Embark on an exhilarating adventure with our seasoned guides as they reveal the natural wonders of Mount Meru. Let them lead you to experience the breathtaking landscapes and encounter the unique beauty of this iconic mountain. A warm invitation beckons you to explore the captivating heights of Mount Meru!

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5 January 2024
Tolle Tour, top Guide, persönlicher Service, schöne Unterkünfte - perfekte Safari Ich war 8 Tage mit diesem Jairos Adventure im Norden Tansanias unterwegs - Tarangire, Manyara, Lake Natron, Serengeti und Ngorongoro Krater. Vorabkontakt aufmerksam, realktionsschnell, kundenorientiert. Von der Abholung in JRO bis zur Verabschiedung war der Service exzellent und es bestanden echte Interesse am Wohlbefinden des Gast und seinen Bedürfnissen. Ezekiel war ein ausgezeichneter, aufmerksamer Guide, der mit Herz bei der Sache war und sich auch sehr bemühte gute Positionen fürs Fotografieren zu finden (ja, man kann hier auch als Fotograf buchen und happy werden). Das Preis/ Leistungsverhältnis war ausgezeichnet. Ich würde sagen, das beste das ich je auf einer Safari hatte und auch sonst - Guide und Unterkünfte - einfach sehr gut und fein ausgewählt. Ich würde jederzeit wieder hier buchen. Es war besser als bei deutlich teureren Safaris bislang.
Florence K
Florence K
6 December 2023
Une expérience inoubliable Nous avons passé un excellent séjour accompagnées de notre guide Ezekiel ! Nous avons vu énormément d'animaux car il connaissait tous les bons endroits et peut repérer un dik-dik dans un épais buisson sans aucune difficulté, très impressionnant ! Les logements (un lodge à Tloma et des tentes tout confort au cœur du Serengeti) étaient très agréables et la nourriture excellente. Une adresse à ne pas manquer !!!
Lotting B
lotting B
27 November 2023
A Remarkable Adventure organized by caring tour operator! Our recent family adventure organized by Jairos Adventure was an unforgettable experience that exceeded our expectations in every way. From the seamless planning to the awe-inspiring moments during the safari, every aspect of the trip was handled with utmost care and professionalism. Jairos Adventure, the tour operator, demonstrated a genuine commitment to creating a memorable experience for our family. Right from the initial consultation, they took the time to understand our preferences and interests, tailoring the itinerary to suit our needs. Their attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the journey, ensuring that we felt comfortable and well-prepared for the adventure ahead. The highlight of our expedition was undoubtedly the safari, and our guide, Mr. Herman, played a pivotal role in making it an extraordinary experience. His extensive knowledge of the local wildlife, combined with a passion for conservation, added a layer of depth to our journey. Mr. Herman's ability to spot and identify animals was truly impressive, enhancing our safari by allowing us to witness the beauty of the African wilderness up close. Beyond his expertise, Mr. Herman's warm and engaging personality made the safari not just informative but also thoroughly enjoyable. He patiently answered our endless questions, shared fascinating anecdotes, and created an atmosphere of camaraderie within the group. His commitment to responsible tourism and wildlife preservation added a meaningful dimension to our adventure, leaving us with a deeper appreciation for the natural world. Jairos Adventure's commitment to sustainability and community engagement was evident throughout the trip. They ensured that our excursions had minimal impact on the environment and contributed positively to the local communities. This responsible approach added a sense of purpose to our journey, allowing us to enjoy the adventure with a clear conscience. our family adventure with Jairos Adventure, guided by Mr. Herman, was an enriching and exhilarating experience. The seamless organization, personalized touch, and the passion displayed by both the tour operator and our guide made this journey truly exceptional. We wholeheartedly recommend Jairos Adventure and Mr. Herman to anyone seeking an adventure that combines luxury, education, and a genuine connection with nature.
Fiona Z
Fiona Z
28 October 2023
Unforgettable safari experience Jairos and Vienna are very responsible tour arrangers. They respond to emails quickly and they make efforts trying to meet our requirements. Food was good the whole time and they made sure we had fruits, water, and snacks every day. Our guide Ezekial was professional and very experienced. We felt safe and secured even when the road condition was rough when it rained. We learned a lot about animals from our guide and thanks for the knowledge! Thanks again for arranging us such an unforgettable trip. I’m already in love with this beautiful land and will be coming back.
Yimei Z
22 October 2023
Perfect Safari Journey We booked an 8-day Safari going to Arusha NP, Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro, each NP has its own attractions. With thoughtful arrangement from Jairos team, everything went smoothly, we saw a lot of animals, game driving on Serengeti would be one of most unforgettable experiences in life. Mr Ezekiel is very experienced driver and professional Safari guide, he is very knowledgeable, knows everything on this land, where to find animals, what’s their habit, and how they live, and he is also very gentle and elegant, we like him a lot! And also, every meal during the whole trip is treated seriously, we never had lunch box, every noon, Mr Ezekiel would help set up the table with a plaid tablecloth, bring us warm food, fruits, juice, even beers! Everything is so perfect, we love animal here, and also people here. So glad that we met Jairos and his team, we had a perfect impressive journey! Thanks to Jairos’ camera, I could have so many precious photos ! Hope we’re able to come back here again soon!
Yimei Z
18 October 2023
Safe, Wonderful and Unforgettable Mountain Experience Highly recommend! I had 7-day Kilimanjaro mountain climb by Matcham route, this is time I try such high elevation and long toute, they assigned a very experienced guide who climbed over 100 times. All the way he helped me adapt to high altitude, monitored my body health indicator, guided me to the summit, as well as shared a lot of knowledge of plant, animals and local culture, especially on the day of reaching summit, Paul and David encouraged me a lot and gave me strength to hold on to the final success. And also crew of porters, chef and waiter were super nice, passion and helpful, everyday they secured my accommodation, delicious hot food, and plenty clean water. They provide me a safe, happy, unforgettable lifetime experience! Thank you, Jairos and Jairos Adventure!
Héctor M
Héctor M
29 April 2023
Kilimanjaro - Trangire - Ngorongoro - Serengeti - Bwindi An amazing customized experience with Jairos Adventure team, they treated us like we were old firends, always worried about giving us the very best of Tanzania, and being highly commited to help us achieve our dreams. Before we hired them they were very kind and helpful, during the hole trip they were close and supportive, after the trip they are good friends. The 5 days experience at Kilimanjaro Marangu Route were absolutely amazing with the team integrated by our main guide Laraha, our friendly assitant guide Turiza, the amazing cook Babu, our good friend Thomas, Kinanda a great summit support porter, and the other porters made the best ouf our experience. The 4 days safari with Ezekial were unforgetable allowing us to descover the beautiful baobab trees, elephant families and a small cheeta family at Tarangire National Park; the amazing rhinos at Ngorongoro astonishing crater and thousands of wild animals in the area; the absolutely breath taking immensity of Serengeti with its wild cats, their infinite heards and amazing sky. The short but meaningful experience at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda where we get a close encounter with Mukiza gorilla family (with a 4 days old baby) was amazing and closing the experience with a trip at Lake Victoria finding the shoebill bird was awesome. To summ up... always trust in Jairos Adventure Team... Jaiross, Vienna and Happyphodias will certainly do their best for you and help you bring your dreams into reality
Ludmilla L
Ludmilla L
20 January 2023
Wildlife in Tarangire National Park I enjoyed a one day safari in Tarangire National Park in March 2022 and had an amazing day with Jairos and his wonderful team. Everything was organized very well. The driver and guid was very experienced and showed us the wildlife...he explained very well about the life of animals in the National Park. The highlight was the lion family relaxing in the tree. I have to recommend Jairos and his team! They made a really good work from heart. I never will forget this beautyful day!
Mandy Matz
Mandy Matz
29 December 2022
Highly recommended Im November 2022 habe ich bei Jairos eine 2--Tages-Safari mit Übernachtung gebucht: Lake Manyara und Ngorongoro Crater, Übernachtung in der Karatu Tented Lodge. Es war das Low-Budget-Angebot und trotzdem war alles super! Jairos hat sich die Mühe gemacht, sich sowohl vor als auch nach der Safari mit mir zu treffen, für ein Briefing bzw. eine Nachbesprechung, das war sehr aufmerksam. Auch der Guide, Hermann, war toll und offenbar gut ausgebildet. Er hat mich auf sehr viele Tiere aufmerksam gemacht, mir zu allen Tieren, auch vermeintlich "unwichtigen", viele Informationen gegeben. Als er erfahren hat, dass mich nicht nur die klassischen Big Five, sondern besonders auch Vögel interessieren, hat er auch nach diesen für mich Ausschau gehalten. Trotz eines gewissen Zeitplans haben wir überall und so lange zum Gucken und für Fotos angehalten, wie ich wollte. Obwohl die Company ihren Sitz in Arusha hat, wurde ich in Moshi abgeholt und zurückgebracht. Verpflegung und Wasser waren gut und in ausreichender Menge vorhanden. Es war ein rundum gelungenes Erlebnis! ☺️ *** In November 2022 I booked a 2-day overnight safari with Jairos: Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater, overnight at Karatu Tented Lodge. It was the low budget offer and still everything was great! Jairos made the effort to meet with me both before and after the safari for a briefing/debrief which was very attentive. Jairos made the effort to meet with me both before and after the safari for a briefing/debrief which was very attentive. Jairos bemühte sich, mich sowohl vor als auch nach der Safari zu einer sehr aufmerksamen Einweisung/Nachbesprechung zu treffen. Jairos made the effort to meet with me both before and after the safari for a briefing/debrief which was very considerate. Jairos bemühte sich, mich sowohl vor als auch nach der Safari zu einer sehr rücksichtsvollen Einweisung/Nachbesprechung zu treffen. The guide, Hermann, was also great and obviously well trained. He drew my attention to many animals and gave me a lot of information about all animals, including those that were supposedly "unimportant". When he found out that I was not only interested in the classic Big Five, but also in birds in particular, he also looked out for these for me. Despite being on a certain schedule, we stopped everywhere and for as long as I wanted to look and take photos. Although the company is based in Arusha, I was picked up and returned in Moshi. Food and Water was good and available in sufficient quantity. It was an all-round successful experience! ☺️
Hany A
HAny A
11 December 2022
Amazing safari with Jairos Thanks Jairos for the great hospitality.. we had amazing time. The driver Ezekiel was super friendly and very knowledgeable. The car was very clean and equipped with binoculars. The hotels we stayed in were excellent with great plenty of food variety and very friendly staff.. overall, I very much recommend Jairos for an unforgettable safari experience

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