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8-Day Fantastic Budget Safari in Tanzania

Safari Overview

This fantastic Tanzanian budget safari is a captivating adventure that visits the best wildlife destinations in the Northern Tanzania safari circuit. Making the most of your time in Africa is the main goal of this comprehensive safari. On guided excursions in Tarangire, you may experience the wildlife and plants of Africa. You will have the chance to see the magnificent Serengeti Plains, which are the location of the big migration. Allow us to craft unique experiences for your once-in-a-lifetime Tanzanian safari.

Arusha Town

Day 1 Arusha- Tarangire National Park

We will pick you up from your accommodation in Arusha and afterwards, proceed on a day-long safari to Tarangire National Park. Your knowledgeable guide will prepare a hot lunch amidst the wilderness. Enjoy an afternoon game drive, then head to the lodge for dinner and your overnight stay. This tranquil park in Northern Tanzania is renowned for its elephant migration, birdlife, and genuine safari ambiance, often overlooked by most travelers on the typical safari route. After a whole day game drive, you will be transferred to Eileen’s Tree Hotel in the evening for dinner, a warm shower, and an overnight stay.


Day 2 Lake Manyara National Park

After breakfast, you will proceed with a game drive in Lake Manyara National Park. Your guide will prepare a delicious lunch with refreshing beverages. In the evening, head to the lodge for dinner and your overnight stay. Manyara is a birdwatcher’s paradise with over 400 species, and you may even spot tree-climbing lions and majestic elephants in the acacia woodland. After a whole day game drive, you will be transferred to Eileen’s Tree Hotel in the evening for dinner, a warm shower, and an overnight stay.


Day 3 Lake Natron

After breakfast, you’ll depart for Lake Natron, with stops at Engaruka Ruins, lakeside walks, waterfalls, and a village visit. A lunch will be served, followed by an overnight stay at Lengai Safari Lodge. These Tanzanian saline lakes in the Great Rift Valley, known as the East African Halophytics, are harsh for most life due to extreme salinity, heat, and rapid salinity fluctuations after rain. Nonetheless, they host vast flamingo colonies breeding on surrounding mud flats. 


Day 4 Serengeti National Park - Central Seronera

After breakfast will proceed with a full game drive to Serengeti National Park, enjoying an afternoon hot meal lunch and embarking on a Central Serengeti game drive. Check into Osinon camp and lodge for dinner and an overnight stay. The Serengeti offers captivating game-viewing year-round, showcasing buffalo, elephants, giraffes, and diverse wildlife in varied habitats. February witnessed wildebeest calving for about 3 weeks, where the vulnerable young become prey, although they quickly gain strength and agility.


Day 5 Serengeti National Park - Central Seronera

After breakfast, embark on a morning game drive in Serengeti Central. Enjoy a hot lunch prepared by your guide amidst the wilderness. In the evening, return to Osinon camp and lodge for dinner and your overnight stay. Witness a mesmerizing spectacle as a million wildebeest, guided by ancient instincts, engage in a frenzied three-week cycle of territorial conquest, mating, and survival, crossing crocodile-infested waters in their annual 1,000km pilgrimage, resulting in a rapid population boom of over 8,000 daily calves.

Ngorongoro Crater

Day 6 Ngorongoro Crater

After breakfast, you’ll depart Serengeti for a full-day game drive in Ngorongoro Crater. Your guide will arrange a delightful lunch served at a fully set table. Enjoy an afternoon safari before heading to the Eileen’s Tree Hotel for dinner and overnight. Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest unflooded caldera, spans 20km, plunges 600m deep, and covers 300sq km. Visit Lake Magadi, a shallow alkaline lake in the southwest, home to flamingos, hippos, and diverse waterfowl.


Day 7 Lake Eyasi

After breakfast, you’ll depart for Lake Eyasi, embarking on a bushmen tour. Enjoy a hot lunch during the day. Later, check into a lake eyas Safari lodge for dinner and your overnight stay. Lake Eyasi hosts small groups of Hadzabe bushmen whose language shares similarities with Kalahari’s click languages. Their population faced threats, especially during Julius Nyerere’s Ujamaa policy implementation in Tanzania.

Arusha Town

Day 8 Lake Eyasi- Arusha

You will wake up early in the morning, and go hunting with the bushmen. Then, you will get back to the lodge for breakfast. Afterwards, you will depart and drive back to Arusha where lunch will be served en route. Your trip will come to an end and you will be transferred to the Airport for your departure flight


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