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Nyerere National Park, Tanzania’s largest and wildest reserve, hosts a diverse ecosystem along the Rufiji River, boasting immense wildlife populations, pristine landscapes, and exceptional safaris.



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Situated in southern Tanzania, Nyerere National Park, formerly Selous Game Reserve, showcases a sprawling, diverse landscape along the Rufiji River. This vast reserve, Africa’s largest, features an array of ecosystems—woodlands, grassy plains, and wetlands—teeming with abundant wildlife, including elephants, lions, hippos, and diverse bird species. The park’s expanse offers thrilling boat safaris along the river, enriching the safari experience. Its remote location allows for an unspoiled, immersive adventure, with conservation efforts ensuring the protection of this pristine wilderness, making Nyerere National Park an alluring destination for nature enthusiasts and those seeking an authentic African safari experience.

Wildlife & Birds

Nyerere National Park, formerly known as Selous Game Reserve, boasts a remarkable array of wildlife and bird species across its vast and diverse landscape, ensuring an unforgettable safari adventure:


Elephants: The park hosts a substantial population of African elephants, offering excellent opportunities to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Lions: Nyerere National Park is home to prides of lions, giving visitors a chance to observe these apex predators in action.

Hippos: The Rufiji River and associated lakes within the park are hubs for hippos, providing sightings of these hefty mammals both in and out of the water.

Wild Dogs: One of the few places in Tanzania to see African wild dogs, visitors may be fortunate enough to witness these fascinating and endangered canines in their social dynamics.

Crocodiles: The Rufiji River also hosts populations of Nile crocodiles, allowing for close-up views of these formidable reptiles.

Antelopes: Various antelope species, including impalas, elands, and greater kudus, roam the park’s grasslands and woodlands.


Fish Eagles: African Fish Eagles, with their iconic cry, frequent the riverbanks and lakes within the park, often perched on tree branches.

Kingfishers: The park is a haven for various kingfisher species, such as the Malachite Kingfisher and the Giant Kingfisher, thanks to its aquatic habitats.

Storks: Species like the Yellow-billed Stork and the Saddle-billed Stork grace the wetlands and riverbanks with their elegant presence.

Herons and Egrets: Numerous herons and egrets, including the Goliath Heron and the Great Egret, wade in the shallows hunting for fish and small amphibians.

Flamingos: During the wet season, these graceful pink birds may be spotted at various water bodies, creating a picturesque sight.

Secretary Birds: With their long legs and striking appearance, these birds are an intriguing sight while foraging in open grasslands.

Ground Hornbills: Abyssinian Ground Hornbills are a remarkable sighting, known for their distinctive calls and striking appearance.

Nyerere National Park’s diverse ecosystems, from rivers and wetlands to woodlands, create a haven for an extensive range of wildlife and birdlife, making it an ideal destination for both wildlife enthusiasts and avid birdwatchers. The vastness and pristine nature of the reserve offer unparalleled opportunities to witness Africa’s iconic fauna and avian diversity.

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