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Tanzania Safari

A solo travel in Africa is an unforgettable experience that offers a deep connection to the vast and ancient landscapes of the African bush. The journey is filled with anticipation and excitement, as you become attuned to the subtle signs of life around you. As you navigate the rugged terrain, you witness the intricate dynamics of the animal kingdom and witness the spectacular sunsets that paint the sky with hues of gold and crimson.

However, there are moments of quiet reflection and introspection, where you find solace in the stillness of the wilderness. During your safari, you are guided by experienced rangers and trackers who share their knowledge and passion for the African bush. You forge meaningful connections with fellow travelers and local communities, exchanging stories and insights that enrich your journey.

As your safari ends, you carry with your memories that will last a lifetime, inspired by the beauty and majesty of Africa. The spirit of adventure and exploration lives on within you, fueling your dreams of future travels and experiences.

Tanzania Luxury Safari Deals for solo traveler

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from $ 3,172

5-Day Serengeti & Ngorongoro Luxury Safari
Tanzania Luxury Safari

from $ 4,984

8-Day Fantastic Safari of Tanzania

from $ 5,357

10-Day Luxury Safari and Zanzibar Beach

Tanzania Mid-range Safari for solo traveler

Choose from the List of Our Compiled Itineraries and Customize to your Preferences


from $ 3,172

5-Day Tanzania Mid-Range Safari


from $ 4,984

8-Day Tanzania Mid-Range Safari

Affordable Safari Packages

from $ 1,049

9-Days Tanzania Mid-Range Safari

Tanzania Top Budget Safari for solo traveler

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from $ 1,049

2-Day Tanzania Budget Safari

Midrange Safari

from $ 3,172

3-Day Tanzania Budget Safari


from $ 4,984

4-Day Tanzania Budget Safari

Popular questions about Tanzania Solo Safari

Is it normal to travel solo?

According to solo travel statistics, travelling alone is the #1 travel trend in the world and 25% of all people want to travel solo. So don’t worry about ¼ of your fellow travelers will also be travelling alone and aren’t going to think you’re weird – they see it all day, every day!

Is it good to travel solo?

Solo travel is great for introspection and self-awareness. It allows you to sit with your discomfort as well as your happiness. In my case, it helped me to understand and dissect my struggles with social anxiety. Being on my own in countries I had never been to tested me and challenged the way I thought about things.

Where is the best place to travel to alone?

The best place to travel alone depends on your interests, preferences, and comfort level with solo travel. However, several destinations are particularly well-suited for solo travelers due to their safety, friendliness, and abundance of activities.

Ultimately, the best place to travel alone is wherever you feel most comfortable and excited to explore. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, there are countless destinations around the world waiting to be discovered solo.

What do you mean by solo trip?

Solo travellers go on trips by themselves, without friends or companions. This includes short trips close to home and longer holidays to destinations that are further away. Solo travellers may participate in all kinds of activities.

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